Autumn Tag

Last 3rd we were tagged by Pretty-N-Pearls (thanks Danielle from Florida) on the Autumn Tag. So we want to continue the chain ;) by answering the questions below:

Favourite thing about Autumn?
Estela: I love brown colour, and Autumn colours are around brown colour. Can I ask for more? But one of the things I strongly wait for at the begining of the Autumn is THE NEW COLLECTION haha
Blanca: I love different colours of leaves and autumn fruits.

Favourite Drink?
Estela: Milky tea and other brews...
Blanca: coffee with chocolate

Favourite Candle?
Estela: Vanilla candles
Blanca: i don't have favourite candle. I like all candles.

Best Lipstick?
Estela: Clinique Chubby Stick pudgy peony colour, so creamy and mild!
Blanca: atomic red mat (Deborah milano) and fucsia number 7 (Bourjois)

Go to Lotion?
Estela: Maybe some of Nivea idk...
Blanca: the same

Go to Eyeshadows?
Estela: A black one! Don't mind which brand.
Blanca: black or dark brown

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